I recently read about Princess Soraya Salon and the “ hopi” or “Thermal Auricular Therapy” treatment she offers, thanks to some paper cutting on my reading pile left by my wife.

I received 8 sessions of “Hopi” and I must pay homage to Princess Soraya Salon Owner’s skills that I am not experiencing any of those previous eardrum itchings anymore. Additionally, my wife does not get up every morning telling me about her dreams that I had left home . Apparently “hopi” has also cured my snoring !!

Clients who have Hopi treatment, have received many health benefits and they have testimonials to prove it. Hopi does have Residue(clear yellow powder) seen after candle is opened.

The Darker lump, generally colour ranges from Light brown to orange and dark brown is Ear wax.

The proof is that after a course of Hopi, clients can hear clearly and Doctors have certified the wax is gone. Hopi has benefits in other areas as well:

–Opening , clearing Sinus problems

–Opens a blocked nose (after a cold, clients with breathing issues)

–Reducing and overcoming Vertigo, being Dizzy.It balances the liquid

in the inner ear, therefore overcomes Dizzy spells.

–Reduces ringing tone in ears.

–Allows client to smell better and taste food better, If they have problems in this area.

–Reduces stress, headache and pressure in head.

–Calming and relaxing treatment.