I have been using your sample Dexsil Silicium gel and I would like to know what is the P&P for the gel as I would like to buy your gel . I have found that it instantly firms the skin . I am using it every day and I can see a difference ! I am also interested to purchase the Dexsil Silicium drink . Since I have been using the Dexsil Silicium gel, many people have commented that I " look well " ! Someone today thought I had Botox !!After using the Dexsil Silicium drink for one week I have noticed that the inflammation on my gum has gone and my teeth are shining. The scar on my upper lip caused by hot wax has disappeared too.I tried both of Germaine De Capuccni products ; the pearl and the timexpert emulsion . I prefer the time expert emulsion and time expert concentrate . Combined with the silicium , I have NO need to use any make up at all. My face is glowing , tight , up lifted , and looks very fresh .Therefore , the combination of these products work well for ME .